How it Works:
Spider veins are most often treated with sclerotherapy, in which a saline or chemical solution that is injected into the vein, irritating the lining and causing the vein to collapse and disappear permanently. Sclerotherapy normally takes fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on the number and length of the spider veins. A series of treatments at bi-weekly or monthly intervals may be required. 

Will it Hurt?
Your doctor will apply antiseptic to the area, then inject a solution into the affected veins with a very fine needle. Each injection covers about one inch of the vein. During the procedure, you may feel a slight pinch as the needle is inserted and a burning sensation as the solution is injected. Next, cotton dressing and compression tape will be applied to the area. After one area is injected and taped, the doctor will proceed to the next area.
Pretreatment Instructions:
Your doctor may recommend that you avoid aspirin and alcohol, as well as herbal medications and anti-inflammatory medications, for two weeks prior to your treatment to minimize bleeding during the procedure. On the day of your treatment you will be asked not to use moisturizers, sunblock or oil on the affected area. You should wear shorts or other comfortable clothing that exposes the spider veins.

Post-Treatment Instructions:
You may experience temporary itching or cramping at the injection site. You will be asked to walk for 20 minutes and  wear compression hose for atleast two weeks.

The Results:
Generally a second treatment will be required in order to complete the collapse of the vein. If you have many veins requiring treatment, multiple sessions may be required.

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